From The Pastor’s Heart: Historical Service of Thanksgiving & Remembrance, Praying for Israel

From The Pastor’s Heart: 
Historical Service of Thanksgiving & Remembrance, Praying for Israel

Sunday, November 12 at 5:00 p.m. - All Campuses joining for “Thanksgiving & Remembrance” Night of Worship.

In the Bible there are multiple places when God moved, performed miracles, and blessed his people.  Usually an altar was built or a stone erected in order to express “Thanksgiving and Remembrance” to a loving and powerful God.  All campuses of Christ Church are coming together on November 12 at 5:00 p.m. at the Mt. View Campus as One Church body to remember what God has done this past year in bringing us to form Christ Church Global and to forge ahead more dedicated than ever to accomplish our mission to “Reach millions of unchurched persons by developing thousands of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

Here are a few major moments when God’s people put a stake in ground remembering God’s mighty acts and gave thanks for his compassion:
  • Genesis 28: 10-19 “Bethel” where God promised, “All the peoples on earth will be blessed through you…”
  • Genesis 33: 20 “El Elohe Israel” When God’s grace was revealed in Esau showing forgiveness to Jacob
  • “The Lord is my Banner” Exodus 17: 8-16  - Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms & Amalekites were defeated.
  • “The Ten Commandments” Exodus 24: 4-5 Moses built an altar with 12 stones and would bring down the “tablets of stone”.
  • “12 Stones in Jordan”  Joshua 4: 1-9 Joshua had 12 tribes mark the crossing of Jordan.

On November 12 at 5:00 p.m. all worshippers of Christ Church are urged to worship together for a Night of Worship, Thanksgiving and Remembrance of all God has done at Christ Church as we honor the Lord’s amazing movement among us.  We cannot pass up this opportunity to give God our thanksgiving and to remember, put a stake or stone in the ground, and say with one voice and God’s people—“The Lord has moved mightily among us! We are grateful.  May God continue to move mightily through Christ Church to reach a lost, hurting and broken world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

Praying for Israel and trip to Holy Land in February 12-19, 2024.  We urge you to continue to pray for the peace of Israel in the midst of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.  Terrorism cannot be tolerated in any shape or form.  We pray for an abrupt end to the terror and war as well as eventual peaceful solution among Palestinians and Israelis.   Christ Church pastors are still planning on going to the Holy Land February 12-19.  We will monitor closely the potential threats and warnings of the government and Educational Opportunities who have partners on the ground even now.  Tourism is their largest economy and we believe that some peaceful resolution will be worked out in due time.  We pray to this end for the saving of lives and property.

We join you in praying for Christ Church to be a house of hope and healing for Christ,
Pastors Charles, Julie, Mike, Trent, Chip, Brian, Brent, and Jacob

Friday Night Jam Fall Edition!
Friday Night Jam is a dance designated for Kindergarten-5th graders. Children are invited to join us at Lincoln Charter School on November 10 dressed in fall attire. Parents can check their child in at 7 pm and pick them up promptly at 9 pm. This is a great opportunity for parents to enjoy a date night or get some early Christmas shopping done.
  • Cost to attend: $10 - includes pizza, drink, dessert, and opportunity to win a door prize.
  • Register at: bit.ly/FNJ_23
  • Candy and glo items will be available to purchase at our glo store during the event.
  • Dance will be held at Lincoln Charter in the elementary school gym.
  •  If you are interested in volunteering or chaperoning please contact us at: cckids.christchurch@gmail.com
Preteen Serving Sunday
(4th-5th graders)

On October 29, 4th-5th graders are invited to love like Jesus by leaving the CCKids preteen classroom, and stepping faithfully into a serving role inside the church. Preteens will have the opportunity to serve in different ministry areas including: technology, ushering, greeting, and more. They will serve alongside seasoned adults and learn the ins and outs of the role. Sign-ups for Serving Sunday will be available at each campus at the CCKids Check-in desk.
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