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Jesus and Ernest T. Bass on finding your way…


There is nothing worst than being lost. Well… maybe one thing… and that’s having to admit that you are lost. When I first moved to town I was worried to death that I would never learn how to navigate the area. It seemed as though there was a perfect storm building against me. First, it was the fact that I was moving to an area where I would have to learn multiple “towns”, many of which don’t even show up on your GPS. Then there was the labyrinth that we know as Hickory, NC with its almost laughable road names… for example, 3rd Ave. Dr. NW. My GPS can’t even find its way around this town!! In addition, I was moving to “the country”. There are no meaningful landmarks to guide the way. I was moving to a place where I would have to rely on my slowly developing knowledge of who lived where and what used to sit on a particular hilltop. I felt like Ernest T. Bass learning geography in a The Andy Griffith Show episode… Old Man Kelsey’s Crick, Old Man Kelsey’s Woods and Old Man Kelsey’s Ocean (

This past weekend at all of our campuses we looked at a powerful “Promise” that Jesus made. In John 14, Jesus Made the bold statement, “…I am the way, the truth, and the life”. For those of us who have grown up in the church, this is not a new phrase. We recognize this statement as being a statement made that we can hold on to during tough times in life to shine hope in the darkness of our situation. We also can see this statement as being a bold statement that clearly says that the way to the Father (God) is to develop a relationship with his Son (Jesus).

For those of you that didn’t grow up in the church or are new to the church, this statement most likely is difficult to understand wrap your head around. You may be feeling like Ernest T. Bass trying to learn the boundaries of the United States. This is why the “Promise” for this week’s message was so profound. It took the difficult to digest and understand language of John 14 and put it into terms that we all can understand. The “Promise” was that “In Christ you will never be lost, never have to fake it, and you will refuse to become a spiritual zombie.”

Jesus stated that He is “the Way”. In accepting Him as your friend and Savior, you will never have to worry about losing your spiritual way, unlike my GPS not being able to always navigate the Hickory roadways with total reliability. Christ will never steer you in the wrong direction. Inside every one of us is a disease, a sickness call sin. Sin separates us from God and causes us to hurt others, to be selfish, and only care about our own good. In saying that He is “the way”, Jesus was telling us that He would be there to give us directions in life and fill the spaces in our heart that sin leaves.

To hear more on this, check out Pastor Chip’s message from this past weekend at



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    Thank you, Pastor Trent, for sharing! Your personal experience adds anticipation for the message that Pastor Chip delivered.
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