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“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.” Matthew 25:35

Care Team, Needs/Donations Area, wants to help provide available and ready donations to those in need. Our launch date will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.

God has blessed our nation and community with an abundance of His bounty. Yet, we, as a culture are often separated from the needs of our neighbor. Through our busyness, “me focused” society, lack of communication, increased apathy to the bombardment of solicitations for money and so on, we remain ineffective towards eliminating poverty in our nation, community and family. We want to start right where we are planted—within our own church family and community.

Our vision for Needs/Donations is to have “classified product/service” section on our My Christ Church Community (MCCC) website under CARE group. We would have the capacity to post an item for donation and satisfy someone’s need within our church family and community. These items would strictly be donation items only. There would be no money exchange. Currently, we are under construction and moving forward to technologically connect. Ideally, here’s how it will work:

Example: John has a refrigerator that he no longer needs. It runs fine but John got a brand new stainless steel refrigerator and now has a “surplus” refrigerator in the basement. Before John takes this refrigerator to the yard sale, or local donations drop-off, John decides to check out posted needs on MCCC website under CARE. Interestingly, Mary, a single Mom, just had her refrigerator break down and has posted her need for a refrigerator on MCCC at this time. Contacts are made and a donation has been arranged for someone in need.

The sky is the limit here for all types of donations. Some expected donations may include appliances, food, clothing, household items, cars, tools, donated services (car repairs, lawn maintenance, electrical, carpentry), etc. Church affiliated members/attendees registered on MCCC and who are serving in our community as a volunteer for food drives, backpack program, and other community endeavors may also be included in posting.

Our Care Team is researching and collecting appropriate information and channels for launching this CARE area. There are considerations and technical hurdles to cross before this can happen. If you have an interest in helping others less fortunate or others who find themselves in an unexpected life event, please save your surplus. Or, if you would like to volunteer in helping with our launch of this CARE area, please contact us below. We hope to be up and running in the fall so that your donations can be posted and received.

Contact/Request Information:

– Church Office: 828-294-6858
– Email: vpaddon48@gmail.com
– Weekly Church Bulletin Page Insert: “Connections Card” or check “place to serve”
Care Request Form