Welcome to the Care Ministry                                 Care and Help

“You must serve only the Lord your God. If you do, I WILL bless you with food and
water, and I WILL protect you from illness.” Exodus 23:25

The Parish Nurse Volunteer is here to help you for emergent questions and/or needs. We will respond to immediate needs with first aid or 911 matters as needed while visiting our campus locations. We will pray with you, assist you with practical needs, help you navigate community resources with contact information and refer/offer educational opportunities as available.

Our roles are: H—health advisor; E—educator on health issues; A—advocate/resource person; L—liaison to faith and church community resources; T—teacher of volunteers and developer of support roles; H—support in healing process for body, mind, sprit and community.

Note: For immediate needs while at one of our campuses – contact an usher or Connections Desk.

Contact/Request Information:

– Church Office: 828-294-6858
– Email: ptorbush@charter.net
– Weekly Church bulletin insert page: “Connections Card”

Care Request Form