Life Groups


Our 9 Strategic Partners

Cooperative Christian Ministries


CCM Provides health care services to those in need, emergency food to those who are hungry, and educational and supportive services to those who are in crisis. The volunteer opportunities include:
Healthcare professionals, pharmacy assistants, interviewers, translators, food pantry workers, thrift store workers, and ebay store workers.

Fifth Street Ministries

5th Street Ministries

Serving men, women, and children in need by providing a safe shelter, clothing, food, and healthcare.
Volunteer opportunities include serving in the soup kitchen, babysitting, hosting a cook out, teaching,
transportation, and much more.

Grace House

Grace House

Grace House offers a day center for the 400+ homeless in Hickory, empowering them to develop self-sufficiency and permanently end their homelessness. The volunteer opportunities include: Day shelter
volunteer, handy work, life skills provider, meal preparation on Saturdays, and much more.

Hickory Soup Kitchen

Hickory Soup Kitchen

Serving the hungry in the Hickory area, Hickory Soup Kitchen is currently serving more than twice the
number of clients they have in the past.

Pregnancy Care Center


Offering compassionate support and assistance to anyone facing a pregnancy or experiencing post-abortion stress. Volunteer opportunities include crisis counseling, administration, and service projects.

Pregnancy Resource Center

Statesville Pregnancy Resource Center

Providing care and support services for anyone facing a crisis due to pregnancy. Volunteer opportunities include crisis counseling, service projects, event assisting, and more.

Safe Harbor Rescue Mission

Safe Harbor pic

Providing a safe environment where women can rebuild their lives. Safe Harbor helps those who are homeless, single mothers, ex-offenders, those with substance abuse, mental health issues, or dealing with sexual or physical abuse recovery.

The Corner Table


Serving meals to those in need in the Newton area. Meeting immediate needs of the homeless with food and living materials.

Salvation Army


An international charitable organization dedicated to helping create jobs for the
jobless. Life Group Covenant