Life Groups


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Welcome and Mingle

Studies show that the first 7 seconds a person spends in a room can make or break the remainder of their experience in that room. Make sure people are greeted when they arrive. Drinks or snacks are available, music is playing, and the house is clean and phones are off.

Setting Expectations

Everything rises and falls on how you communicate the group expectations. What is your groups purpose? How will you as a leader rally everyone around this purpose?

Dessert Convos

Please never underestimate the power of the conversations before and after your “gathering” time. It is key to connect with people and find out what people are about.



It’s important to realize that you will deal with tough issues as a group leader. Here are some questions you can ask when dealing with issues:

  1. How long has this issue been going on?
  2. Who else knows?
  3. Have you received any counseling or help?
  4. Do you have any plans for your next steps?

We know it can be difficult dealing with tough issues as a group leader. That is why we want to equip you and come along side of you. Never hesitate to contact our team if you have any issues! We are praying for you and willing to fight for the health and growth of your groups. Above all else, pray! Pray for your group members each week. Pray for people that you want to be a part of your group that are not. Pray for the resolution of difficult issues when they come up. God is able and willing to help bring restoration and healing where it is needed!


The First Meeting

Make your first night of groups great by doing a few of the following

  1. Rekindle relationships and meet new members!
  2. Clarify your group’s direction/expectations/commitments!
  3. Briefly discuss the sermon topic to set a precedent!
  4. Pray for the building of relationships and spiritual growth

Items needed for the first meeting

  1. Dinner/dessert plans decided!
  2. Name tags!
  3. Ice breaker ( a fun activity for the group to loosen up)!
  4. Prayer is key. Pray for your new group members and time together.!


The Vision

Our desire for our Christ Church Community software is to have one place as a staff and a congregation to know and communicate with one another well. We are asking for every single group to use their group page to take attendance, and summarize each weeks group meeting. As a leader we know that you have a lot to do each week, so delegate! Have someone administratively gifted to fill out the summary each week! So that we can have a better understanding of your group dynamic and meetings each week!

The Goal

Once everyone begins using the My Christ Church Community software to report and give summaries, we can use the software in a greater way to reach new people who are wanting to join a group. If your group profile is up to date and active we can use them as a reference for people who are interested in joining a group. We can then show them your page for all the vital information.

The Game Plan

If you haven’t taken attendance as a group yet. Let us know so that we can help you! We can even send a weekly reminder email to you that will help you to take attendance in just a few clicks of a button. Please let us know if you haven’t received these weekly emails or if you haven’t taken attendance yet as a group leader. Another absolutely essential step as a leader is to make sure that you havea picture on My Christ Church Community. You can use any picture that you would like for your profile, but this is a huge way that we can help new people get to know you!