Life Groups


The Core of Life Groups

What do Life Groups need to have?

  1. Life Groups are about __________________________.Life Groups are more than just learning and being educated. Members don’t want a teacher/student environment; they want a friend/family environment.
  2. Life Groups have a time of _________________________.It is important to make time to pray for someone as a group. Not only is prayer a powerful gesture of compassion for a group facilitator, but something exceptional happens when we call on the name of our Lord.
  3. Life Groups study the ____________________________.Make sure to ask questions that help guide the members through the Scripture passages. The word of God has an ability to work in the lives of your group members in ways that your personal words never will. Allow the group to discuss the truths of the Bible and its implications for their lives and our world.
  4. Life Groups __________________________ one another.We desire for you to share in each other’s lives by actively loving them. Encourage, help, and care for one another in love. This builds both unity and trust among the group.

The Essence of Life Groups

How do I recruit & retain members?

Recruiting Members

As a facilitator, you will need to be inviting others to join your group.

  • Begin by __________________________ for those you are thinking of inviting.
  • Intentionally __________________________ those you have prayed for.

Retaining Members

  • Begin by getting everyone’s phone number/email address. In the first week you should __________________________ each member of your group thanking them for attending and asking how you can pray for them.
  • After each week send out an email reminding everyone about the group’s meeting time, updating them on any changes, and telling them about any opportunities for further involvement with the group.

The Method of Life Groups
What does my role of facilitator look like?

Accessing the Facilitator videos

    • Go to the Youtube channel:
    • Request a DVD copy

Taking Attendance

Our desire for new facilitators it to take attendance on our “My Christ Church Community” online database. This is how we know who is attending each group and how we receive a group summary of what was shared and how the group time went as a whole. You will find instructions on how to take attendance on a separate sheet in your folder.

Delegating Responsibilities

It is crucial as a facilitator that you don’t put all the responsibilities of group leadership on yourself. As you begin to meet, find the gifts and passions of the other members of your group. Some of the areas of delegation are host homes, refreshments, service ideas, attendance keeping, or other administrative roles.

Problems with Members

We want to always lean on the side of grace to everyone who participates in a new group. With that being said, there are always opportunities to help others learn.

Example (having a dominant group member): When a person tends to dominate conversation, it’s important to continue to allow others the opportunity to share. A helpful tip is to sit beside the dominant group member, not allowing too much eye contact. This can help lead to a more productive time where everyone feels comfortable sharing. If the problem persists you can always speak with a group member after the group time is over in a loving and kind way.