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Generationz Prayer Journey

GenerationZ Prayer Journey will encourage each of us to pay more attention to God through personal prayer and corporate prayer as a church body. GenerationZ Prayer Journey is a total approach to prayer, with a focus on family prayer for this campaign and ongoing spiritual blessings for a lifetime. All campuses are invited to participate in the “GenerationZ Prayer Journey” whereby individuals and families can join in at any point marked by several events. Event participation involves a personal prayer commitment for reaching GenerationZ by praying with our family at home, at church, prayer walk/gathering and prayer vigil. Journey events are briefly explained here.   Please Sign Up for the Prayer Journey, then – Click on each Event to Register your family’s name.

The Campaign Public Launch date starts March 14th & 15th — Launch of Prayer Journey

Prayer Journey Sign-up, (Invitations to sign up will be available on line, in the Bulletin, at the Connections Desk, in life groups, newsletter, etc.)  Sign Up For Prayer Journey

March 22—Prayer Walk/Gathering—Week 1 of Prayer Journey

Prayer Walk/Gathering — Families or individuals can sign up for a Prayer Walk/Gathering at each campus starting on March 16-March 22. Each campus will be set-up for mapped Walk around the church facility (inside/outside preparing for weather).  Or, participants may choose to simply gather for prayer with event leaders at a designated location at each campus. This Event will take place between worship services from 10:45 AM to 11:00 AM on Sunday, March 22.  Donuts will be available for the participants.  Sign Up For Prayer Walk

March 27-28–Prayer Vigil—Week 2 of Prayer Journey

Prayer Vigil—Friday, Mar. 27 @ 6:00 –Saturday, Mar. 28 @ 5:00; Families are invited to sign up to pray for a 30-minute time frame during this scheduled 24-Hour Vigil.  Multiple families can sign-up on same time slot; we encourage individuals or families to choose time slots that have not been chosen if possible ( so that the 24 hour vigil is covered)  but any time is welcomed.
Sign Up For Prayer Vigil

March 28,29—Commitment Day—Week 3 of Prayer Journey

Commitment Day marks our personal response to God spiritually and financially. Leaders will encircle the sanctuary to pray corporately with the pastor for the increase God provides for reaching others.

April 4,5—Celebration Day—

Campaign Celebration Date of Apr. 4,5, we will all be in worship to praise God for what He has done and hear the results. (We invite you to Pray and Fast throughout Campaign, if you are led)