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Unforeseen circumstances or merely poor choices are among the many ways one’s finances can be left in shambles and in need of outside assistance. Christ Church is pleased to offer free, one-on-one financial coaching to help you take control of your finances. To request an appointment or for more information, fill out the form below and we will be in contact.

Everyone over the age of 18 needs a will; however, statistics show over 70% of the adult population do not have one.  Christ Church offers one-on-one Legacy coaching for end-of-life and Estate planning.  Our goal is to provide peace of mind for you and your family now by partnering with you through this process.  We will then refer you to a legal contact, who has also partnered with Christ Church, and will assist in the completion and filing of your legal documents.  Contact us now for an appointment or additional information by filling out the financial coaching form and add leagacy or estate planning in the comments section.

“Make a great LAST impression by taking care of tomorrow today.” Stan Craig author of ForeTalk

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