The Countdown is On...

Generationz Blank

Raising Funds….

to Raise Faith …

to Raise a Generation of World Changers for Christ.


How will the funds be raised?

The funds will be given in fulfillment of commitment pledges by our friends and members during the GENERATIONZ capital campaign over the next two years (March 2015 through March 2017)

How will the commitments be made?

Commitments will be made either by giving weekly, monthly or annually over a two-year period. Commitment cards will be signed at the Leadership Commitment Event on Friday, March 13 and the Celebration Weekend on Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29. Some may also be led to give non-cash gifts such as stocks, bonds, real estate and jewelry.

When does giving to GENERATIONZ begin?

Leaders will make commitments beginning March 15 and then commitment weekend will be March 28 & 29.

Will new members be asked to help fund the project?

Yes, people who join in the future will be contacted by the Follow-Up Team and given the opportunity to make a commit-ment to the project.

Are we continuing to give 10% of our building fund to start new churches?

7% of our capital campaign will be used to start new churches locally 7% to start churches globally and 7% will be saved for Holy Spirit promptings. Then 4% will be saved for maintenance and repairs. 75% will remain at the respective campuses for capital improvements or building projects.