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Care Prayer Partners

The Christ Church Prayer Ministry believes in the Word and power of prayer for God’s direction in our lives. We want to encourage one another and our community through a Holy Spirit led life of prayer. We have purposed our ministry to be available for church-wide calls for prayer including prayer vigils, prayer walks, intercessory prayer, and prayer partnering. As our dependence on God grows, so does our prayer life and alignment with His Will. Our prayer for our church is to grow perpetually stronger in the image of Christ.
The Christ Church Prayer Ministry helps to undergird our body of Christ and community in prayer through devoted prayer members who are organized into teams. We pray and intercede on behalf of our pastors, leadership, volunteers, varied ministries, families, local community, nation and world. Our prayer room/tower is scheduled every week with praying, prayer members and available to anyone who chooses to join us for prayer. Our sanctuary prayer partners are available during our worship services for worshippers wanting to pray with a partner.

Christ Church, CARE Team, “Care Prayer Partners”

Our CARE Team additionally offers “Care Prayer Partners.” Beyond the weekly service opportunities for prayer, an intercessory prayer is available online. Here is how you can reach a partner who will intercede on your behalf Click on the Banner

Care Request Form

If you have a prayer need or request, Our CARE, “Prayer Partner” team retrieves these requests daily and will be praying for you. Our members are lay pastor trained, held to covenant confidentiality, called to intercessory prayer and are faithful followers of Christ.


During Normal Office Hours (9:00-5:00 Tues-Fri)

Please call the church office at (828-294-6858).

All Other Times

Please call (828-294-6858) and follow the instructions to leave a brief message for the CARE, “Prayer Partner” Team or Prayer Ministry Pastor (Robbie Kropiwnicki) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Need Care Follow up?

(Do you or the person you are requesting prayer for need further help for resources or support? Click on the Care Banner below and fill out the form.

Care Request Form